In print

  • "The Endless Day (Eckerö)" : Finalist of "Minimalism" assignment. Published in Landscape Photography Magazine, Issue 145, Sep/Oct 2023, page 74. [View on]
  • "Antlers of Aurora" : Part of "The spirit of the north" collection, Scan Magazine, Issue 156, July 2023, page 103. [View on]
  • Exhibitions

  • "Magical misty morning over Kallavesi" : Part of "Seasons" exhibition at The Glasgow Gallery of Photography during November 2023. [View on]
  • Other notable entries

  • "Reflections of Ruska #1" : Submitted to Fstoppers' Landscape Photography contest contest. [View on]
  • "Chaos for peace" : Submitted to 2023 Global Photo Contest hosted by The Nature Conservancy. [View on]